Past Events

CGR Globalisation Seminar

2018 | ‘Marginalisation amidst Globalisation; Why are Some Countries still Diverging?’, Sir Professor Paul Collier (Oxford University). Agenda

2017 | ‘Social Mobility and Redistribution’, Professor Alberto Alesina (Harvard University). Co-organised with the Royal Economic Society. Agenda

CGR Workshops

Political Economy and Economic Development (since 2016)

Organised by: Dr. Caterina Gennaioli

Theory and Empirics of Poverty, Inequality and Mobility (since 2014)

Organised by: Dr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

CGR-SEF Quantitative Analysis of Social and Economic Issues (since 2018)

Organised by: Dr. Caterina Gennaioli (CGR) and Dr. Sebastian Axbard (SEF)
2018 | Agenda

CGR Further Events

2019 | The Moral Economy Revisited: Lessons for institutional development
Organised by: Dr. Martha Prevezer and Prof. Perri 6

2019 | Roundtable on Brexit. Economies and firms in an age of global uncertainty. Annual Conference Global Political Economy Network
Organised by: Professor Sushanta Mallick (SBM and CGR) and Loughborough University

2018 | Workshop on Development
Organised by: Prof. Almudena Sevilla